Fashion Blogging for the Special Needs Mom #fashiondoesnttakeadayoff

It's no secret, I wish I was a fashion blogger. Not because I live my life dressed like one. But because it looks way more exciting than spilling my guts as a special needs mom. The only reason I started blogging as a special needs mom was to keep my sanity. It helps to write … Continue reading Fashion Blogging for the Special Needs Mom #fashiondoesnttakeadayoff


We Are Broken and That’s Okay

"Let's get him a walker in here so he can walk wherever he wants." ~ our Attending Doctor while in the hospital this latest go 'round. If this doctor truly knew my guy he would know his most favorite saying. "No walk today. Whomp, whomp." You see, he has absolutely no desire (or ability) to … Continue reading We Are Broken and That’s Okay

There’s No Place Like Home

Remember when I sang that stinkin' Hillsong United Oceans song about trust without borders, blah, blah, blah? Ugh. I'm telling you right now, think twice before singing these things. God takes this very seriously. My borders were expanded into the deep waters again this week. No, I didn't get to share the love of Jesus beachside … Continue reading There’s No Place Like Home