You Do You, Special Needs Parents!

I have been chided for sharing too much information about my son and his needs. There are people who say, "This is his story to share. That is, should he choose to do so." Little do they know, our stories are tied pretty tightly. Then there is the flip side. There are those that want to … Continue reading You Do You, Special Needs Parents!


One of the Hard Days…

I don't doubt God's providence. In fact, I'm thankful for it. But that doesn't mean there aren't hard days. Last week was one of them. We sat in a near empty local restaurant that is usually overflowing out the door with waiting families. But on this night it was graduation for Evan's high school. We … Continue reading One of the Hard Days…

What I’m Reading: Looking For Lovely, by Annie F. Downs 

Looking For Lovely: Collecting The Moments That Matter by Annie F. Downs Truth is, I've been 'looking for lovely' for a lot of years now. Every so often I get a glimpse of it. But it never stays. It's fleeting. Lovely is one of those things, even in my youth, I've never really felt fully. … Continue reading What I’m Reading: Looking For Lovely, by Annie F. Downs