Essential vs. Non-Essential

Who is essential to the church?  Who does the church need to be "The Church"?  Surely, the pastor is essential.  What is Saddleback's church without Rick Warren?  Or Hillsong without Brian Houston? And the worship music is essential, right?  Look at Hillsong again with Joel Houston & hello?, Darlene Zschech!  Look at what great things Kristian Stanfill and others are doing with … Continue reading Essential vs. Non-Essential


Keep it to your self?

Why blog, you ask?  Two reasons: #1. It's cathartic.  I could lay awake for hours in the middle of the night thinking about 'things'.  Things that seem so important, revolutionary, traumatic, but in the morning they are really quite trivial.  Just journal, you say.  But here's #2.  Transparency.  I'm tired of everyone going along like … Continue reading Keep it to your self?